Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

The roof is your home's first line of defense against the natural elements, however, no matter how well built or assembled it is, it will not last forever. Without a doubt, rain, snow or hail are the main responsible for this damage. If the amount of rain is considerable or cannot drain easily, it can slowly erode the materials of your roof; Also the impact caused by the fall of hail or the weight generated by the amount of snow can generate a problem that must be resolved quickly. This infiltration of water or humidity can quickly spread to the rest of the elements in your home, even causing health problems.

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Consider the following warning signs for roof repair:

  • Streaked stains: These are an indicator that could lead to further water damage to the roof or structure of the home if left untreated
  • Curved or twisted parts: Damaged sections can allow water to find its way under the roofing material, causing leaks into your home.
  • Water stains, moss, or mold in the attic: Any of these problems could be a sign of a roof leak, and they will likely get worse if not discovered and repaired.

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