When talking about roof soffit, it refers to the piece that covers the bottom of the roof section that overhangs the side of the house.

Reyes Roofing -Soffit install

Soffit New Installation

The new installation of soffits serves as a bridge between the exterior wall of a structure and the roof overhang. Therefore the purpose of the new soffit installation is to provide adequate ventilation for the attic of the home.

Soffit Repairs

When a property's gutter system is not working properly, soffits can present problems such as starting to rot due to exposure to water. In addition, even animals such as birds and squirrels can damage it by creating nests. So Reyes Roofing LLC can help you with soffit repairs in your home. That is, providing the necessary repairs so that the soffits look like new. Above all, to complete the look of your home and prevent future damage. At Reyes Roofing LLC you can enjoy a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. Because our experts can help you find the perfect soffits for your home.

Reyes Roofing -Soffit repair